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Hanwell Hootie 2017

Date: Sat 06 May 2017
Time: 3pm - 11pm
A free music festival that aims to bring live music back to the home of the legendary Marshall Amplification.

Over 85 bands will play across 14 venues in Hanwell, London, in tribute to the man behind Marshall Amps, ‘Father of Loud’ Jim Marshall.

The event celebrates the vibrant music scene in the town, where Marshall opened his first shop in 1962.

Lick-off at 3pm in Viaduct Meadow (near Ealing Hospital).

Jim Marshall was raised in Southall. Jim’s brother Al Marshall said "Southall was home to the Marshalls for many, many years. Dad ran a fish & chip shop (on Western Road, Southall) before moving to 31 Abbotts Road (Southall). Mum, dad & all 7 children were there until Jim moved out to live at 48 Lonsdale Road (Southall) with wife Violet, and, later, son Terry."

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Hanwell town centre,

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