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Pakistan and India Independence Days 2018

Mon 13 Aug 2018
Tuesday 14th August is Pakistan Independence Day and Wednesday 15th of August is India Independence Day and are both commemorated in Southall.

This year it will be their 71st anniversary. Ealing Borough Police carry out appropriate policing operation on both days to ensure that it is a safe and happy time for all.

The celebrations start slowly in the evening and gather momentum at night time. The atmosphere resembles a noisy street party.

You can expect traffic congestion travelling through Southall most of the time.

People travelling through Southall should expect extra traffic delays as some motorist have a habit of just driving around The Broadway and others restrict the flow of traffic by the going onto the road.

Police always advise people who intend to meet up with family and friends to celebrate the Independence Days in the Southall area to use public transport, to help minimise congestion in the area.

The Pakistan celebrations are far more noisier and last well into the night.

The Indian celebrations are much calmer and hardly noticeable.

There are far more sensible ways to celebrate Independence days.

We wish everyone Happy Independence Days.

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