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Villiers High School GCSE results

Thu 23 Aug 2018
Villiers High School recorded some of its best ever GCSE grades as anxious pupils opened their results today.

The Southall school’s Progress 8 figure was the highest in its history, with pupils on average scoring half a grade better than expected.

The school praised its students’ “exceptional” performance in maths, computer science and history in particular.

Abdulahi Abdikadir, from Southall, said he was "totally surprised" to get two 9 grades - the top mark available - as well as two 8s and four 7s.

After a partial introduction last year, almost all GCSEs are graded from 1 to 9, with the former A* grade split into the 7, 8 and 9 grades.

Abdulahi said: "It was a long summer waiting for my grades. I started to doubt myself, and my memory of how it went."

"My teachers were one of the biggest reasons I’ve got these grades."

"I used to drop into their classrooms at lunch for extra help. If I had any confusion or difficulties they wouldn’t hesitate to help."

"They gave me all the resources I needed - no-one ever said ‘no’ to me."

Abdulahi will now prepare to take A-levels in maths, further maths and economics.

Aruna Sharma, the headteacher of Villiers High School, lauded the school’s "outstanding" GCSE and BTEC results this year.

She added: "This is even more impressive considering the fact that the majority of subjects were examined under a new system for the first time this year."

"Well done to all our students and we look forward to welcoming most of them into our Sixth Form to continue their studies for advanced qualifications."

"A huge thank you to all our staff, parents and governors for supporting us in achieving these outstanding results."

Rhiya Talwar, also from Southall, thanked her teachers for "lways pushing her" to excel as she scored five 9 grades, one 8, two 7s and two 6s.

The 16-year-old, whose achievements come three years after the passing of her father, said she felt he would have been proud of her grades.

She said: "When I got 7s in mocks, my teachers would always tell me I could do even better."

"There was a lot of pressure. A lot of it was pressure I put on myself to do well. And it paid off."

Rhiya said she is looking forward to studying at Villiers High’s sixth form, where she hopes to study law, history and sociology.

Rhiya Talwar - GCSE results day at Villiers High school in Southall

Rhiya Talwar with assistant headteacher Lewis Adams at Villiers High School

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