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Ealing Southall CLP passes vote of no confidence in Virendra Sharma MP

Fri 22 Mar 2019
Ealing Southall Constituency Labour Party (CLP), last night passed a vote of no confidence in their MP, Mr Virendra Sharma.

The vote of no confidence, brought by union delegate branch Unite Legal Workers was passed by 41 votes to 18. The vote took place at the CLP’s regular monthly General Committee meeting.

Ealing Southall CLP operates under an official Labour Party delegate structure, whereby the General Committee comprises delegates elected from across the Labour Party branches within the constituency as well as from affiliated unions and socialist societies.

The meeting was attended by 59 delegates, who heard the motion:

"Ealing Southall Constituency Labour Party has no confidence in our MP Virendra Sharma. Mr Sharma has failed to work with the local membership or act as an adequate constituency MP."

"We call on the National Executive Committee to allow our CLP to immediately commence the trigger ballot process so that we can choose a new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in time for a possible early General Election."

The Chair of Ealing Southall CLP, Dr Onkar Sahota, allowed numerous speakers for and against the motion, including a contribution from Virendra Sharma MP who was present at the meeting. The speakers included branch and union delegates, youth delegates and local Ealing councillors – representing all Southall community groupings and local wards.

Dr Sahota said: "Ealing Southall CLP recognises that, in bringing this vote of no confidence in Virendra Sharma, our delegates have exercised their democratic rights as provided for under the rules of the Labour Party."

"I am pleased that the debate was conducted in an orderly and respectful manner and that we were able to hear a range of opinions from across the community – from those who feel frustrated with Mr Sharma’s performance and his representation of Ealing Southall constituency, as well as from those who believe he has served his constituents well as its MP of 12 years."

"Ealing Southall is a hugely diverse community, and our local Labour Party membership reflects that. Tonight’s vote represents a decision that has made by delegates from across those diverse groupings, and we full respect our members’ democratic right to have voted no confidence in Virendra Sharma MP, and to take that decision forward to the next stage."


"Ealing Southall CLP is aware that, since the vote of no confidence, Virendra Sharma MP has issued a public statement claiming that the vote is motivated on religious and racial grounds."

"The executive officers of our CLP strongly refute Mr Sharma’s claim, and we do not accept that there was any religious or racial motivation to the vote of no confidence."

"Further, we reinforce the points made above – that the debate and the vote were conducted properly, with representation from all social groupings from across the Southall community, and that the result reflects the democratic decision of this CLP."

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