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The elusive Peabody consultation in Southall

Thu 10 Oct 2019
Did anyone attend the recent Peabody consultation on development of The Green, Southall? There was nothing about it on Peabody website and nothing on the Ealing council website.

Was it a consultation or exhibition? The word used in the Peabody press releases was that consultations would take place on certain dates. The events that took place (on 19 and 21 September 2019) were exhibitions. The signs outside Southall Manor House clearly stated that they were exhibitions.

Where is the consultation? Oh, we have feedback forms that you can use to give us feedback, was the answer.

Surely this Southall development deserves a page on the Peabody website which can informs residents where the latest and detailed information about this development can be found? Not according to Peabody. The development appears only as on old news item.

Peabody spent money on advertising the exhibition (or consultation?) in the local area. Did any Southall resident actually see it?

There were 2500 leaflets delivered to nearby residents ONLY. What leaflets? Many nearby residents don’t know anything about these leaflets. Why only nearby residents? Does this development NOT concern the rest of Southall?

Were local shopkeepers aware of the exhibition? No.
Was there a leaflet in the Library nearby? No.
Were local community groups informed? No.
Is informing the local ward councillors ALL that needs to be done?

If you have a dozen people (Peabody and Ealing Council) doing the exhibition then the least you should do is announce it properly as an event.

Did they even bother to inform 12 residents?

It is either incompetence or trying to hide the facts. Expecting residents to look for a needle in a haystack is not good enough.

It would have been better to hold the exhibition after the Southall green ward forum so that at least some people could have been informed.

But that would have required intelligence and willingness to engage PROPERLY with the Southall community.

Residents don’t need to worry because the relevant information is on some website. That is absolute twaddle because a search of the web delivers nothing. You don't need an invisible website. You just need the information to be EASILY available.

Are all the businesses affected by the development happy with your proposal?
No, not everyone is happy.

Going through the motions or doing a tick box exercise is not considered a proper exhibition or consultation by Southall residents. They want to be PROPERLY consulted and informed.

Is Peabody a considerate developer?

Peabody exhibition at Southall Manor House

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