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Consultation to rename Havelock Road, Southall?

Mon 22 Jun 2020
Ealing Council is planning to rename Havelock road in Southall to Guru Nanal Road. How did all this come about?

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced a commission to review and improve diversity across London’s public realm on 9 June 20202.

The Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm will focus on increasing representation among BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities and other groups.

On the 10 June 2020, Councillor Julian Bell, leader of Ealing Council announced a commissioned a similar review in Ealing.

He said “One suggested proposal is the renaming of Havelock Road in Southall, a section of which could be renamed Guru Nanak Road. There will be full and proper statutory consultation before any changes are made.”

“The details are being developed on how the statutory consultation will take place and further information will be communicated prior to any consultation starting.”

“Our diversity is our strength. We need to make sure that our public realm, our statues, road names and buildings reflect our diversity, and not a frozen past where colonialism, racism and the slave trade were present and celebrated.”

The announcement was made before any consultation preparation had taken place. Residents are unable to take part in the consultant because nothing has been set up. Their views appear on Social media and not in any public consultation.

Havelock Road is named after a British Army general. Havelock road is not being renamed because of the actions Sir Henry Havelock, as only part of the road is being renamed, but for other purposes. Part of it is being renamed to Guru Nanak Road to mark the 550-year celebrations of the birth of Guru Nanak. All 15 Southall Councillors are in full support of it.

Cllr Mason said on Twitter: “The road is named for Sir Henry Havelock, a General who violently put down the First Indian War of Independence in 1857.

The councillors have tried to rename the road before, a few years back yet it is not in the public domain.

How does this increase “representation among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities”?

Almost all Southall councillors are from the Asian community. Yet they lack any real power in Ealing Council or are not fit for the job. The residents of Southall lack any REAL voice. They always say “It’s a done deal. What can do?" That is what some councillor’s say as well.

That statement was made in heat of the moment in support of the BLM protest taking place around the world and what the Mayor of London was doing. A week before the above statement, Ealing Town Hall was lit purple for several nights in solidarity with BAME communities around the world remembering George Floyd.

How do you really show support for the Black Lives Matter cause and the BAME community?

How to show support for the Black Lives Matter cause

The Tudor Rose venue, one of UK’s premier music, arts and educational venue is under threat of demolition due to a proposed development scheme by Ealing Council.

It represents a unique legacy for the town and its African-Caribbean community and there exists formidable case to support and save it.

Tudor Rose venue is the only building and business in Southall that is owned and managed by members of the African-Caribbean’s Windrush generation. Established in 1983, the owners of Tudor Rose, against all odds including suffering racial prejudice, have created one of the most dynamic and successful businesses and educational venues.

Tudor Rose venue has gained an iconic status in hosting and showcasing Black Music since its inception. Virtually all the main Reggae and Soul musicians from across the globe have played at the venue.

Tudor Rose venue is the only venue in the locality that caters for the African-Caribbean community and encourages other communities to host event at the venue.

Stop the proposed demolition.

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