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Southall Broadway to have 24 hour bus lanes

Tue 18 Aug 2020
Changes to the bus lane timing on Southall Broadway should have been clearly marked before they came into force.

But were they?

From Monday 17th August 2020 the bus lanes on Southall Broadway were meant to be used by buses ONLY.

To be precise the hours of operation of all bus lanes in Uxbridge Road in the London Borough of Ealing became 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ealing Council clarified this further as "To avoid any doubt Uxbridge Road includes Broadway Southall, Broadway West Ealing, New Broadway, Ealing Broadway, The Mall and the Vale. The bus lane in Greenford Road, Southall approaching the Iron Bridge will also have its hours of operation changed to at any time."

What did the signage say the day before the change? Coming from Hayes side, there was a sign saying "Bus lanes operate 24 hours" a day.

But few yards before that, at the start of the bus lane, the old hours of operation were still displayed.

A bit further along, 2 more signs display the old times.

So which sign is legally valid under this confusion?

On Monday Ealing Council said on Twitter: "We are changing all the signs, starting today. It will take up to a week to change all the signage."

On Tuesday they added "The new timings will be enforced only when the new signs are in place."

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