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Havelock Road – Consultation on Proposed Name Change

Mon 26 Oct 2020
Ealing Council have started a consultation with residents and businesses about the proposal to rename part of Havelock Road to Guru Nanak Road.

The part that will be affected is the section between King Street and Merrick Road in Southall

The part of Havelock Road that is not on the section between King Street and Merrick Road, will remain unchanged by this proposal but will also have their views taken into consideration.

This consultation started on Wednesday, 21 October and runs for one month, closing Saturday, 21 November 2020, giving residents the opportunity to give their feedback on the proposed name change.

Letters to all residents of Havelock Road are being sent out.

Council leader, Councillor Julian Bell said; "The decision has been made to proceed with the statutory consultation proposing to change the name of Havelock Road, between King Street and Merrick Road, to Guru Nanak Road."

"The consultation will take in views expressed by residents and businesses who are directly impacted by a potential change, as well our essential services such as the Fire Brigade and the Royal Mail and considerations from the wider community in response to the consultation."

Impact to residents and businesses

Changing the street name will have some impact on residents and businesses. Many documents and systems will need updating to reflect the new address. The responsibility to arrange these changes will lie with the affected residents, homeowners and businesses.

Residents and businesses will pay for any costs that are incurred. Owners of properties or businesses on this road are advised to respond to the official consultation letter as early as possible.

The final decision will take into the consideration Street Naming Protocol which ensures that any proposed change should ‘respect and balance cultural and historical identities, sensitivities, and heritage’.

All objections need to be submitted in writing to the postal address below to ensure they are taken into consideration in the final decision.

All objections need to be emailed to

or posted to :

London Borough of Ealing
Ref: Havelock Road consultation
Perceval House,
14-16 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London, W5 2HL

Please quote ‘Havelock Road consultation’ in all correspondence. Objections must be received on or before Saturday, 21 November 2020.

For further information visit: Havelock Road Consultation

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