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Ealing Council lights up the Town Hall for UN Anti Racism Day

Mon 22 Mar 2021
West London Stand Up To Racism took part, on Saturday, March 20, in events to commemorate the UN Anti Racism Day, organised by the national Stand Up To Racism and the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

It was part of an annual event, commemorated in many countries around the world, normally with marches and rallies. However, this year, mostly on-line linked worldwide events, and twitter-storms, were substituted. Although, in some places, including outside Ealing Town Hall, people also ‘took the knee’, in socially distanced manners.

In west London, in solidarity, the Ealing Town Hall was also lit purple by the council and the UN flag was raised over the Town Hall. The events were also supported by all the Ealing MPs, a number of councillors, Ealing Trades Council and a number of other organisations.

Virendra Sharma MP had sent the following message: "I am proud to represent one of the most diverse constituencies in the UK, in one of the most diverse cities in the world."

"I want to thank West London Stand Up to Racism for their work in organising a local UN Day of Action on 20 March for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. I encourage everyone to join the group on March the 20th and urge you to follow the group on Facebook and Twitter and see what is coming up."

Balwinder Rana, spokesperson for West London Stand Up To Racism, said: "We want to thank the Ealing council, in particular, Julian Bell, leader of the council, for accepting our request to light up the Town Hall to show that this borough would stand up to racism and fascism."

"Last year’s Black Lives Matter protests around the world united blacks and other ethnic minorities, as well as many white people, against the evils of racism and were a beacon of light. But, it was utterly disgusting for Priti Patel, that awful Home Secretary, to call them ‘dreadful’, from her ‘Ivory Tower’. She has no clue about what the ordinary black and brown people have to face in their daily lives."

He further added, "For five months, every Sunday, we supported protests around west London, and we had tremendous support from the local communities, as well as local MPs and many councillors. But, this is a continuous struggle and we must keep up our guard. With the triple crisis of corona pandemic, expected economic downturn and climate emergency, the racists would try to exploit the situation and try to divide our communities. But, we can stop the ‘pandemic of racism’ from spreading by uniting our communities."

West London Stands Up To Racism - Ealing Council lights up the Town Hall

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