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Yobs have “scared the life out of me” for years

Thu 14 Jul 2016
Youths loitering around the street have “scared the life out of me” for years said a very scared female resident.

She appealed for help at the Southall Broadway Ward Forum meeting held on Tuesday evening in Hambrough Primary School.

The woman said that she did not “know how to describe” the regular “banging and kicking on my door” which she has been suffering for years. It has “scared the life out of me.”

“When you open the door, they are waiting for you with a baseball bat. This has been reported for years. I am shaking.”

The incidents probably happen more often on Wednesdays when there are external activities at Villiers High School.

Safer Neighbourhood team said that the groups of individual that hang around nearby in Boyd Avenue have “no respect for authority”. It is “very scary” and “not acceptable”. They would not feel save walking in that area.

This is not happening on some council estate. It is happening on Hamilton Road near the Police station, Villiers High School, Southall Park and Southall town centre.

After years of suffering and reporting there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Did anyone at the Southall Broadway Ward Forum offer her anything? She was offered NOTHING apart from being allowed to speak.

Surely, there are other residents in the same predicament. If they regularly phoned the police, the council and the councillors then something might FINALLY be done.

Suffering in silence is NOT the right option.

Wake up Southall.

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