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Villiers are one of the top 300 best schools in the UK

Wed 18 Oct 2017
A SOUTHALL school has been named in the top 300 best performing in the country for GCSEs, according to stats published by the government.

Villiers High School scored plus 0.58 in Progress 8 attainment, which measure the progress that pupils make from the start of secondary school until GCSEs.

The results, which are more than half a grade higher than the national average of zero, put the school in the top two percent of schools nationally. The average score for Ealing is plus 0.43.

Deputy headteacher Chris Richards said: "We are truly delighted with these results, made all the more impressive given students achieved them against the backdrop of new exams in English and Maths."

"It is a testament to the quality of teaching at this school and the hard work and dedication of the entire school community."

"The school has developed a culture of high aspiration and expectation for its pupil which is reflected in our success in exams."

He added: "Progress 8 is a much fairer and truer reflection of a school’s academic success as it measures progress at a school rather than attainment. “Not matter what the ability of a student, if you attend Villiers High School then you will receive better grades than expected."

Ayah Alharahsheh was the school most improved pupil having arrived at Villiers High School on a C/D grade but left with As and A*.

She is now studying A Levels in the school’s sixth form and has set her sights on studying Biology at Cambridge.

She said: "When I arrived at Villiers my grades were not so good. At primary school they would not have said I was one of the intelligent pupils."

"The difference at this school is that they work very closely with you to make sure that you improve. Right from the start the teachers here were absolutely great."

"I really hope my story is an inspiration to other students. It shows that if you work hard enough and you have really good teachers then there are no limits to what you can achieve."

"I am now doing A Levels and really want to go to Cambridge to study Biology. I would never have thought even possible a few years ago but considering how far I have come why shouldn’t I keep dreaming big."

Ayah Alharahsheh of Villiers High school in Southall

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