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The Media War against Cuba

Date: Thu 28 Nov 2019
Time: 6 pm
Canadian author and journalist Keith Bolender will be speaking in Southall about his latest book ‘Manufacturing the Enemy, the Media War Against Cuba’.

Come and find out how the media disinformation campaign against Cuba is just another part of the US government’s strategy to punish and isolate the Cuban people and what you can do to show solidarity.

The unrelenting stream of misinformation, myths, and outright lies against the Cuban Revolution has been one of the US government's most effective forms of aggression: aided and abetted by a non-stop propaganda programme by the corporate media.

With few exceptions the mainstream media has enthusiastically endorsed Washington’s objectives to end Cuba’s socialist experiment and force the country to return into the US’s hegemonic embrace.

Public meeting dates - Free entry

Southall Town Hall,
High Street,

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