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NHS Birthday Celebration and Protest

Date: Sat 04 Jul 2020
Time: 12:30pm - 1:30 pm
Our fantastic NHS was launched on July 5th 1948. It’s under threat from privatisation and cuts but the staff are still fantastic.

Even as we celebrate our NHS staff fighting Covid-19, the Government and Health bosses are cutting, privatising and employing discriminatory policies.

Despite the high local deaths and community needs, services are still steadily being taken from Ealing Hospital and moved to wealthier areas.

"After everything Ealing Hospital staff has done to look after us during the Covid crisis he NHS bosses have been hollowing it out. And even worse it's happening around the country to other hospitals too. Shameful."

It's unbelievable: Student nurses 'told to go back to working unpaid' after fighting on the Covid-19 frontline.

331 Tory MPs have voted against weekly testing of NHS and care staff.

Was Boris Jonhnson clapping for our NHS staff every Thursday just a big con?

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Outside Ealing Hospital,
Uxbridge Road,

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