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Southall residents protest at Sale of Southall Town Hall

Wed 14 Feb 2018
Southall residents protesting against the sale of Southall Town Hall blocked off traffic near the Town Hall to raise awareness of Ealing council’s decision.

Together with many local groups and residents, Southall Community Alliance is involved in a campaign to stop the sale of Southall Town Hall. They believe that crucial public assets, such as the Town Hall, should be preserved for the benefit of all residents and provide a public benefit for all communities.

As part of the campaign a Day of Action was held on Friday 9th February 2018 outside Southall Town Hall from 2-4 pm.

A flag was raised at the top of Southall Town Hall, which read "Southall Not For Sale - United we stand - We shall overcome".

Traffic was halted in Southall, near the town hall, as the Southall community united to protest against Ealing council’s decision to sell Southall Town Hall.

The event was originally planned to start at 4pm but due to media interest it was moved to 2pm. This resulted in some supporter turning up after the event had finished.

Due to the timing of the event, “even though, I couldn’t attend (the protest) I was there in spirit.” said local resident Jasdeep Singh.

Not a single Southall or Ealing Councillor was present.

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