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Multi-cultural evening at Villiers High School

Sat 24 Mar 2018
A multi-cultural evening took place at Villiers High School on Wednesday evening.

VILLIERS High School celebrated diversity with poems, dance and dramatic performances at a Multi-Cultural Evening.

The evening featured poetry recitals in French, Spanish, Somali and Arabic, as well as Indian, Pakistani and Punjabi dancing.

There was also a multi-cultural fashion parade and a dramatic performance in French of the balcony scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

A highlight of the evening was student Abdullah Alkhadi who performed a heartfelt poem about his homeland of Syria.

The event took place on Wednesday evening at the Southall school.

The show was closed with a poem on what makes Villiers High School a special place.

Afterwards guests gathered in the canteen to enjoy a selection of world cuisines. Student Nebyl Yousif, who portrayed Romeo in the balcony scene, said: “It was really great fun to do Shakespeare in French. Everyone seem to enjoy our performance.

"It was a fun evening because we learned about each other’s cultures through poems and dance."

Student Jennifer Mosammad, who was one of the stars of the fashion parade, said: "It was really great to be able show everyone the fashions from the different countries."

"Villiers is such a great school because you have so many different nationalities and cultures here. We are so diverse, which is great."

Headteacher Aruna Sharma said: "This evenings really sums up the harmonious culture that we have at Villiers High School. I’m so proud of every one of the students who got up on stage and gave such wonderful performances."

"It was fantastic to be able to showcase our inclusive, warm and welcoming school to our families, friends and the wider community."

Multi-cultural evening at Villiers High School, Southall

 student Abdullah Alkhadi, Villiers High School, Southall

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