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Dormers Wells Ward Forum meeting (11 Sept 2018)

Thu 13 Sep 2018
A few notes from the Dormers Wells Ward Forum meeting on Tuesday (11 Sept 2018) at Young Adult Centre, Parkview Road, Southall.

Berkeley Group UK is “NOT suitable partner” for “Let’s Go Southall” campaign as “they are poisoning us” said one resident and others agreed.

There is “more chance of getting injured by a cyclist on Southall Broadway (pavements) than crossing the road” – resident

There is “open drinking – all the time” in Southall Park – resident. From the Polices point of view, knife and drugs issues take priority over drinkers.

The Dale Road CCTV (cost £1600 for 2 months) made ALL the difference. It was a good deterrent. Once the CCTV was taken down, the problems come back.

More Youth facilities won’t solve the problem was the response to a request for (more) Youth Facilities. A resident had to point out that, there is no point in saying "issues are complex therefore we can’t do anything". Let us help you – is the correct attitude. Ask the school teachers or visit the Library for info.

Ealing Council have stopped the pension of a resident’s mother twice in the last 20 years. She is an old lady with facial paralysis. Ealing Council refuse to negotiate and are wasting money on the legal case. There is no response from the Council officers or councillors.

“I can do a better job” of Policing than Ealing Chief Superintendent Paul Martin said Councillor Ranjit Dheer. That is EXACTLY what MANY residents think about Ealing Council officers and councillors.

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