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Does the murder of a complete stranger affect others?

Thu 26 Sep 2019
How does the murder of a complete strangers affect others in the vicinity of the crime scene?

Police officers were called at 4am on Monday, 23 September 2019, to reports of an injured man on Southall Broadway.

They found a 22-year-old-man with fatal stab injuries outside a shop (Hamza Pan & Juice) on The Broadway, Southall, at the junction with Saxon Road. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead at 5:26am.

The Broadway, Southall was closed for 14 hours (until 6.15pm) on Monday.

Saxon Road and Abbotts Road were cordoned off for more than 33 hours, until 1:30pm on Tuesday. No vehicles could be moved.

When leaving or entering the cordoned off area, residents who lived inside that area had to provide their details to do so. Some were even escorted to their door.

On Monday evening, some of these residents were even prevented from re-entering the area (to go home) for about 2 hours

If you were on Southall Broadway and lived at around number 50 Abbotts Road, you were instructed to gain access via Beaconsfield Road.

What if your car was next to the stabbing scene on Abbotts Road? After the 33 hour of being cordoned off, your car is taken away.
Where is it?
How long will the Police keep it?
Who do I talk to get it back?
You get no answers to these questions?
A resident points out that it might take 2 weeks to get the car back from previous experience, after a lot of chasing around.

What does the person who uses that car for his livelihood do?

What about the refuse/recycling collections?
It was supposed to be collected Tuesday.
When will that takes place or will residents be asked to wait a fortnight?

The post could not be delivered too.

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