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Eid ul Adha 2020 in Southall

Fri 31 Jul 2020
All Muslims in Southall and the UK will be celebrating Eid ul Adha on the same day, Friday 31 July 2020.

Saudi Arabia Supreme Court announced that Wednesday 22 July 2020 is 1st of Zul-Hijja, Arafah would be on Thursday, 30 July and Eid al-Adha is on Friday, 31 July 2020.

This is based on the assumption that a moon crescent was visible on Tuesday 21 July 2020 at sunset. This announcement is in line with scientific data provided by the Royal Observatory (London), unlike many other moon sightings.

Zul-Hijja is the twelfth and final month in the Islamic calendar. Eid al-Adha is on the 10th of Zul-Hijja.

Last year about 2.5 million pilgrims would have been performing Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) right now. This year only a 1,000 people are being allowed to do so under the current coronavirus restrictions.

The Eid ul Adha salah/prayer times are:
Jamia Masjid, Townsend Rd : 5:45am, 6:30am, 7:15am, 8:00am, 8:45am, 9:30am, 10:15am and 11:00 am
AbuBakr Masjid, The Broadway: 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00, 10:00am and 11am
Central Jamia Masjid, Montague Waye: 6:30am, 7:30am,8:30am, 9:30am and 10:30am

On Eid-ul-Fitr it is recommended to eat something before going for Eid prayers. On Eid-ul-Adha is recommended to eat after the Eid prayers. On both occasion, after the Eid prayers, one should return home via a different route.

The Eid prayers are not compulsory for Muslims but the 5 times daily prayers are.

With regards to the Eid celebrations, Ealing Council and the mosques are advising residents to continue to follow the rules on social distancing.

  • No large family gatherings
  • Keep two metres apart
  • Avoid close contact with others

Eid Mubarak

Friday Prayers:
There will be 3 Jummah (Friday) prayers at the Jamia Masjid: 1:30pm, 2:15pm, 2:45

There will be 4 Jummah (Friday) prayers at the AbuBakr Masjid: 1:30pm, 2:00pm, 2:30pm, 3:00pm

There will be 2 Jummah (Friday) prayers at the Central Jamia Masjid: 1st at 1:30pm and 2nd at 2:15pm.

Please follow these guidelines:

Bring your own prayer mat, face mask and carrier bag to put your shoes in.

Leave the masjid as soon as the (farz) Salah is over - all sunnah and nafl prayers must be read at home.

If you are sick, have a temperature or cough, do not come to the masjid or you will be refused entry.

If you are over 70 or under 12 years of age or female then pray at home under the current circumstances.

We have limited spaces. Please be understanding & patient

These procedures are for your own safety, the safety of your families and the surrounding community.

Please perform wudu at home. No one is allowed to use the wudu facilities at any mosque.

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