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Ealing Council hands out 4,000 fly-tipping fines

Mon 27 Feb 2017
Almost 4,000 fixed penalty notices have been issued since the introduction of specialist enforcement teams last August, and in the same period the number of fly-tips reported to the council each week has dropped by 46%.

When people persistently complain about the fly-tipping the council is forced to act. When the fly-tips are regularly removed, there are bound to be fewer reports.

Just because the number of fly-tips reported to the council each week has dropped by 46% does not mean fly-tipping has gone down by 46%. It could be zero per cent.

A resident can hardly be expected to REGULARLY put in several weekly reports of fly-tipping when the council is FULLY aware of the PERSISTANT problem. What the residents demand and expect is a MORE visible deterrent. Just picking up the rubbish regularly is NOT a deterrent.

A far more useful number is the current number of fly-tipping reports received or removed off the streets.

The council has taken one of the most proactive stances on tackling fly-tipping in the country, which is on the increase nationally. Last June, Ealing was one of the first boroughs to adopt the higher rate fixed penalty notice of £400 as part of a London-wide crack down to keep the capital clean.

What the council neglects to inform residents is just how many of the 4,000 fines were actually for £400. This is most likely to be a low 2 digit number.

Four specialist enforcement teams currently operate in the borough. They are responsible for discouraging, catching, and cleaning up after selfish individuals who flout the law by dumping waste.

The council set up this provision in direct response to the concerns of residents about fly-tipping in some areas of the borough. The teams are operating in addition to the council’s normal street cleansing service that already deals with fly-tipping.

Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, the council’s cabinet member for environment, transport and leisure said: "There is never an excuse to fly-tip. Nationally there has been a significant increase in fly-tipping, but in Ealing, we've taken immediate and clear action that is achieving results."

"I welcome news that since the introduction of our fly-tip enforcement crews, we have seen a huge 46% drop in the number of fly-tips around the borough and nearly 4,000 fines issued."

That is a misleading statement. Fewer reports do not mean similar reduction in fly-tipping.

The council’s free app, Ealing 24/7 also allows residents to report street and environmental issues quickly and easily using their smartphone. For further info, visit

Residents can also report cases of fly-tipping online, or by calling the council’s hotline on 020 8825 8825.

To avoid possible fines, it is important for residents to check whether a waste clearance company is licensed and legal. They can do this by entering their details at

More information about the borough’s reuse and recycling centres, how to arrange a bulky waste collection and how to find scheduled collection days, is available at

The council also offers a bulky waste collection service and will collect up to eight items for £40. Residents can share bulky collections with friends and neighbours, but the items must all be collected from one location.

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