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Southall Broadway Ward Forum Meeting - Southall Waterside

Thu 13 Apr 2017
Were any complaints about the Southall Gasworks construction work addressed by the Council or St James at the Southall Broadway Ward Forum Meeting on Monday?

At the last meeting residents complained that they were not being kept informed of the Southall Gasworks latest steps. They wanted their councillors to represent them and sort out any problems. They were experiencing daily dust problems that were even killing their plants.

Councillor Nagpal refused to get involved other than offer to set up a meeting between the residents and St James.

The latest update is that “St James send out construction notice bulletins by email to residents to keep local residents informed during the work.”

That assumes that all affected residents have email addresses and St James have record of them. Have any of the issues been addressed. No. Not a lot of progress for 9 months.

The residents are still suffering the same problems and more. That is why the subject was raised many times at the meeting.

Councillors told residents that “we are working for you” but “we do not have the power” to anything for you. Talk directly to St James. The residents response was but St James “are not listening to us.”

In 2010, residents were invited to Southall College by St James whose plans showed 4 walk ways from Beaconsfield Road going into the Gasworks development. Why have these walk ways become roads in 2016?

“In the Council they are all pals.” One resident stated “I don’t think you lot (Councillors) want to help us. We need you lot to help us. None of you are doing it.”

At the last meeting, 6-7 months ago, it was CLEARLY stated that the dust from the work meant that households could not open their windows. There was so much dust that the cars need to washed 3 times a week. This has not changed.

Damage is being done to our properties due to the vibrations caused by the work lorries. Yet, St James is not willing to pay for anything. They claim it is “wear and tear” due to the age of the properties.

Nothing has been done for the residents in the past 6 months by the Councillors or St James. “We will get back to you” is the standard response.

“Don’t forget next year elections. I would vote for NONE of you.”
“You should know what is happening in Southall”

“What is Ealing Council getting out of the Waterside development?”
Our properties are being damaged by the vibration of these HGV lorries. Several council departments have been contacted. Nothing has been done. We have had this problem for months. We were told residents will not be disturbed by Waterside.

Yet, the workers knock on the residents doors at 6.30am and tell them to move their vehicles as they blocking them. They are walking all over us. They are being rude to us. There are cracks to the back of our properties. They will do nothing. Your property is 90 years old they say, it’s all due to wear and tear. St James will do nothing and the council and councillor says “it’s not the concern of the council”. Go sort it out yourself.

A resident was told “you raised lots of issues at the last meeting”. The residents response was “but councillor nothing has happened” in the last 9 months.

Council tax Rebate demand

Rear of Beaconsfield Road there is noise and traffic. We require a council rate rebate for however long this work takes. We are suffering. We can’t open back windows. We can’t breathe. We are bullied by everyone. The cars need to be washed 3 times a week.

The sign at the site reads “Berkeley Homes working with Ealing Council”, so Ealing council is responsible for our suffering.

“They are not our friends, they take our votes.”

No help from the Councillors, Council departments or St James.
No one is listening to us.
At the start of the meeting the words “no one should feel left out” were mentioned.
This translates to “Have your say and go away”.

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