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Virendra Sharma comes to apologise

Sun 07 May 2017
Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma came to the Jamia Masjid in Southall to apologise to the local community for his remarks in the House of Commons

Many Muslims and Sikhs community leaders were present at the meeting, held at 5pm on Saturday 6th May, to discuss how to resolve the issue dividing the community and move on.

He did eventually apologise and the local community offered him full support in return. But how sincere his apology was and how forgiving the local community cannot be correctly predicted.

On the 19th of January 2017 Mr Virendra Sharma said in the House of Commons that Pakistan is “the world's leading sponsor of terrorism”.

He also stated that people in Indian Kashmir had more freedom than those in Pakistan Kashmir.

These comments are NOT ACCEPTABLE from the MP representing Ealing Southall - different ethnic communities working and living together in harmony.

He was asked to provide evidence for his comments or apologise and withdraw them. He did neither for 3 months.

At his campaign launch, on Wednesday 3rd May 2017, Mr Sharma said 3 things on camera.

He claimed that the words that came out of his mouth were NOT his words. He did not accuse Pakistan of terrorism. Others on Google were accusing Pakistan of terrorism. He then quotes ex-Pakistani leader General Pervez Musharraf. He must have confused him with his own friend the Indian PM Narendra Modi, leader of the Hindu nationalist BJP.

Secondly, he said: “I said there were no human rights violation by India (against the People of Kashmir). There is no such thing there.”

Thirdly he said that he stood for unity and that other mischievous people were trying to stir up trouble (by raising this matter).

Listen to what he said for yourself:

The UNHRC Review of India's shoddy human rights record occurred on 4th May 2017.

Amnesty India? said “Govt has not given single sanction for prosecution of alleged perpetrators of #humanrights violations under #AFSPA. Army courts not credible”

Is that no human rights abuses? What does Mr Sharma base his claims on?

Only three days later, on Saturday 6 May 2017, he is ready to apologise.

Councillor Malik pointed out at the start of the meeting that Mr Sharma in on record as having said that he made no such statement against Pakistan. The community does not want to hear a denial. It happened. It is on record. Firstly he needs to accept it, recognise his mistake and withdraw his words. That is what I want to hear. I don’t want him to skirt around the issue.

A few minutes later, Mr Sharma claims that (unsaid) statement cannot be unwritten from the House of Common’s record. How can an unsaid statement not be erased?

All he has to say is “I withdraw my comments of 19 January in the House of Common. I apologise.” This was what everyone wanted to hear. This can be easily done in 10 seconds even by a novice politician. It was not to be.

What were his excuses on this day?

At a debate in Parliament, I was responding to a speech. I said I have limited knowledge of Indian History. The language I used, where it came from or why I used, is in the Hansard. Whether I withdraw it or not makes no difference. The statement will remain there.

After receiving your letters, I made no statement or caused any disruptions. My view was that it would gradually subside.

I do apologise.
I had no such intention to hurt the feelings.
There is no benefit in dividing the community at the last stages on my career.

I had no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.
I presented the information I was given. (Who presented him with this information? Indian PM Narendra Modi?)
If you want me to apologise now …..There is no point in it as it is written in the book (at House of Commons).
It was never my intention. It came across in such a way.
You all understand that as debates build, if my unintentional response…

“How do we know about your intention?” asks Shahid Sahib.

“Listen. Has he apologised or not” asks Muslim Sarbland. Not in any bodies opinion.

Muslim Sarbland, a community leader, whose name I roughly translate as “a Muslim who holds his head high with pride”, was too eager to accept this dodgy apology. Mr Sharma had NOT withdrawn his statement and Sarbland wanted to sweep things under the carpet.

Mr Sharma was asked “If you had no intention, why did you make similar statements 3 times, the last one being on Wednesday?”

His excuse is “I still say, it was caused by the build-up of the debate.” What more than 3 months later?

“Do you take your words back that Pakistan is not harbouring or sponsoring terrorists?”

Same Sharma response that the words have been written in the book (at House of Commons). They can’t be removed. Unbelievable comments from a seasoned politician.

“Do you take your words back that Pakistan is not harbouring or sponsoring terrorists?”


We want you to say it.

“You utter the words and I will repeat them, so that you are satisfied.“

Can you say ”I take the words back” that Pakistan is not harbouring and sponsoring terrorism, we will be happy with that.

The response is:

What I have said. What I have read. I still feel that because of the communities feelings hurt, I withdraw those words that Pakistan is NOT harbouring terrorists and because the community feels that way. And what is the next..

He was asked “No, No, not because of the community. Do you feel it yourself?”

Sharma had to be spoon fed to utter the following:

“Pakistan is not harbouring terrorism and not sponsoring terrorism. I apologise.”

Virandra Sharma is hugged by Muslim Sarbland, who does NOT know how to mute or switch off his phone in an important meeting in a mosque. No one else hugged. Councillor Nisar Malik says the matter is resolved.

I have a very important point. How many years have you been in politics? 45 years. A new politician can make mistakes. How can politician of 45 years make such a big mistake?

Muslim Sarbland shouts “The debate is over.”

Wadood Mushtaq of Geo TV, acting as Virendra Sharma henchman, shouts “Sikander Sahib the debate is over. You are wrong. You are wrong. Shut up. Shut up.” This was a reporter whose REAL job was to keep his mouth SHUT and just report. He behaved like a HIRED THUG of an Asian politician, as is common in India and Pakistan, No other explanation for it.

This meeting is taking place in a mosque. The Sikh leaders present showed a lot of respect and behaved impeccably. The Muslims invited to the meeting were not properly united or organised. Two of the media people invited were utter morons. They thought they were running the meeting.

The other media donkey present, who was no better, was Asad Ali of C44. He could not keep his mouth SHUT either. He had to be restrained by others. He behaved like a HIRED THUG of an Asian politician, as is common in India and Pakistan, No other explanation for it.

Muslim Sarbland was also pointing fingers at Sikander, as to say “How dare you ask this question? Kindly brush everything under the carpet.”

Nothing to be proud of here.

It is exactly what you expect from a bunch of disorganised people.

I spoke to a few Sikh leaders later. They were far more sensible and realistic. They knew exactly how sincere Virendra Sharma was and what to expect from him.

The Muslims were sheep lead by wolves in sheep’s clothing. They did NOT get a full retraction, yet they offered FULL support to Virendra Sharma in return.

If it takes nearly 4 months and Virendra Sharma finds it difficult to utter these words willingly, then how sincere is his apology?

All this started with the plight of the Kashmiri people. Were they mentioned here? Are no human right violations being committed against the people of Kashmir?

Too harsh?

Listen to MP Virendra Sharma apologise:

Virendra Sharma apology image-1

Virendra Sharma apology image-2

Virendra Sharma apology image-3

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