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Two fires set off in back alley of Southall Broadway

Fri 13 Oct 2017
Residents in Abbotts Road, Southall were woken during the night to find some commotion outside. There were two fire lit in the side alleys of Abbotts Road, on either side, behind the shops on Southall Broadway

The bigger fire was at a location where numerous complaint have been made to Ealing Council over the years about a tiny minority of businesses treating the whole back alley as their own personal rubbish tip.

The fires were started at around 2:20am and the fire brigade arrived around 2:35am to calmly put out the two fires. One was a tiny fire in the middle of the back alley but the other was a serious fire next to the rear entrance. These back entrances are the front doors to the first or second floor flats above the overextended shops on Southall roadway.

Ealing Council has ALSO been too lax in allowing the businesses to extend their properties to the extent that no back gardens/space exists anymore, especially on businesses on Southall Broadway. They don’t even have space to put their business bins inside at the rear of their properties.

It would probably block the tenant’s passage way to their flats – their front door front. They won’t place the business bins in front of their own doors either. They prefer to put it against the non-commercial properties on the OTHER side.

The non-commercial resident won’t get ANY help from their local councillors or Ealing Council. Waiting nearly a decade (for some improvement) is NOT classified as a response by residents.

This is a well-known and common problem in the Southall Broadway ward. No elected or un-elected official has been willing to PROPERLY tackle this for very long time.

Residents could have raised this at the bi-annual Southall Broadway Ward forum meeting on Tuesday on the 17th October 2017. Unfortunately that has JUST been cancelled at short notice. What could possibly be the reason?
"Probably had DIFFICULTY in getting ANY councillor to attend."
"Last time 2 meetings had to be rescheduled as Councillors decided to pull out last minute."

What caused this problem? Rubbish.
What do the residents think of their councillors? Rubbish.
What do residents find on their roads and pavements? Rubbish.
How do residents rate Ealing Council’s response to their concerns? Rubbish.
Just ask the residents yourself.
Remember to ask the residents who have had raised some issues.

Update: Shortly afterwards a young Asian hooded male was arrested by the Police. apparently there was another fire in Morlands gardens near Southall Park.

The fire was started against the side door of an ordinary resident. The rubbish in front of the door was commercial rubbish from the other side. If the resident had not installed an external fire door - back yard door - the fire would have easily spread to his property.

Why are commercial businesses allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour by Ealing Council?

Recently, the same resident had to endure stinking rotten fruit sludge flowing into back garden. Ealing Council did nothing about it.

Abbotts Road fire 13/10/2017

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