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Southall restaurant fined £155k for food hygiene offences

Thu 19 Oct 2017
Ealing Council took legal action against a Southall restaurant, Chini Chor on South Road, after Ealing Council’s food safety officer found them breaking the law regarding food hygiene on two occasions

Mr Ravi Kumar Bakshi, the owner, pleaded guilty in Ealing Magistrates Court on Monday, 16 October 2017 and was ordered to pay more than £155,000 in fines and costs of £2,810.

The first inspection, on 11 October 2016, was triggered from a member of the public regarding the cleanliness of the premises and officers witnessed 5 offences at the business.

On the follow up compliance visit, on 9 January 2017, officers witnessed 3 offences at the business.

Staff were seen to be handling foods without washing their hands; access to the wash hand sink was obstructed by colanders stored on the floor; equipment for preparing foods such as a cheese grater had a build-up of dirt and was not washed properly; cooked foods were stored next to a mop bucket and foods were placed in dirty cardboard boxes.

Under the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations businesses must comply with food hygiene laws.

For each offence noticed on the first visit the business was fined £20,000 and for offences noted on the second visit the fine was £25,000. This was reduced by 15% for the guilty plea.

The judge awarded the higher culpability and heavier fines for the second visit due to no improvement being made. The restaurant had a blatant disregard for advice given after the first visit and had a history of low performance since 2009.

Councillor Ranjit Dheer, cabinet member for community services and safety, said: "Our officers work closely with local businesses to help them to operate within the law and they give advice and to help them to be well-run and safe."

"Food hygiene is vitally important and businesses who aren’t complying with the law won’t be tolerated. Chini Chor showed no improvement from the council’s first visit so we’re pleased to see such a hefty fine being handed down to them. It shows that both the council and the courts are serious about enforcement and punishing those who openly break the rules."

The council’s regulatory services team advise food businesses to regularly check that cleaning standards are being maintained and food safety procedures are implemented at all times.

Customers can check the food hygiene rating of their favourite restaurant or takeaway on

Chini Chor, South Road, southall

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