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Resident Permits for Southall, Ealing

Resident Permit Expiration Date Checker

Renew your Resident Permit on time to avoid receiving a Penalty Charge Notice, You can now check to see if your vehicle has a valid permit - to access this facility click here.

Ealing Council no longer issues paper resident parking permits. They are now issued electronically, so you do not need display a paper copy in your vehicle.

Renewal reminders are only sent by email. To get these reminders, you need to email your full name, address and vehicle registration number to: � in the subject line state: Permit Renewal Reminder � Please add my email address. The email in which this request is sent from will be added to the permit account, if you would like a different email address to be added to the permit account then please specify this in the email.

Avoid Penalty fines

I got a tax reminder letter from the DVLC. I Know some who didn't and got his car clamped. He was lucky to escape with a �100 fine because he noticed immediately and managed to sort it out the same day.

If you get too much junk emails or want a physical reminder, you can get a (novelty) Resident Permit Disc for �4 from, with all your details printed on it. You can also get (novelty) Tax Discs for �4, with all your details printed on it.

Resident Permit Reminder Disc