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Never underestimate the power of advertising

A large number of businesses across the UK are already fully aware of huge benefits of being part of web. We are a local business based very close to the Southall Broadway and will be promoting local businesses around Southall. We aim to put your business on the web so that your "potential customers" are fully aware of exactly what you offer.

The benefits of being part of are potentially huge. It is easy and extremely cost effective for you to join.


How to join

  • Contact us via email.
  • We will arrange to meet with you, at your convenience, to fully appreciate your business needs and ensure that you get the maximum benefit.
  • We will put your desired web advert together for you and start directing new leads and new customers to your business. It's totally stress-free for you and we can get things up and running within a few days.

What you get

A fully in depth business adverts will cost you £10 a month. The benefits of being part of are:

Standard Advert Features
New customers and new leads is local and very important. It aims to attract all business customers to it’s professionall designed and easy to use web site.
Promotion on Google and other main search engines. It's no good being on the web if people can't find you. We will ensure that when people in Southall (or outside Southall) are searching for your type of businest then they will find you.
Detailed information about your business Up to 450 words of text to describe to your potential customers why they should call you and why you're different to your competitors. We will help you to write it up.
All your contact information... including phone numbers, fax number - even your mobile number if you want, so that potential customers can contact you.
E-mail link... so that potential customers can e-mail you directly.
Web Site link... If you already have a website, will drive a lot more potential customers to your site.
Your logo and photos... To visually identity your business and profile around town - even your photo if you want.

The truth is that any business must embrace the web to flourish. aims to be the best in doing this in Southall in terms of "coverage, exposure, profile" and value for money.

Take advantage of everything in the list above from just £10 per month.

"I already have a website" will send a lot more traffic to your site. If you don't have time to manage your site or want better value for your money, then contact us.

"I don't have a website"

If you don't yet have a website then your comprehensive, in depth web advert with all the features detailed above is the best way of letting the internet bring you new customers. If you want website, whether simple or complex, then contact us.

The cost

Current Prices
Standard Advert £120 per annum = £10 per month
Top Slot Advert £360 per annum = £30 per month
Banner Advert £120 per annum = £10 per month
Category Banner Advert (Large) £360 per annum = £30 per month
Web Design Service £300 per annum = £25 per month

In addition to the above prices there is a one-off set-up fee of £80 to get your web advert live on the site.

Additional services to promote your business

Top Slot

Only one business in each category in Southall can have the 'Top Slot'. This web advert will always be the first one to be seen when people are looking at their category.

As there can only be one 'Top Slot' for each category, it is allocated on a first come basis. If you're interested in this contact us.

Web Design Service

We provide local businesses with simple and complex web sites that help drive their business forward. For more informationcontact us.