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Rubbish and recycling collection in Southall

Recycling and rubbish is collected on different weeks: recycling is collected one week and rubbish the next week. Food waste is collected weekly and garden waste is collected fortnightly.

Use the Ealing Council website to find out if you need to put out the recycling or rubbish bins. Just enter your post code at Rubbish and recycling collection day. It requires a space between the two post code parts. If you leave no space then nothing happens, giving the impression that it does not work.

Leave your recycling or rubbish at the front boundary of your property (and not on the pavement) by 7am on collection day.

If you leave the wrong bin at the front boundary of your property then no collection will take place. You will have to wait 2 weeks for the next collection. The other option is to take some of it to the recycing centre in Greenford.


In-house or contracted-out service?

The Rubbish and recycling service was contracted out to AMEY and cost Ealing Council £13.1 million per year. The service provides by AMEY was unsatisfactory - missed collections and lower level of service, so Ealing Council decided to bring the service in-house.

Both Ealing Council and AMEY agreed to terminate the collection service contract in March 2018.

As of this Monday (6 July 2020) the service will be managed by Greener Ealing Ltd (GEL) an operating company owned by Ealing Council.

The workforce of 350 staff has been transferred across to Greener Ealing and will immediately receive the London Living Wage.

The council had to make a £5.35million investment in the long-term improvement of the service. It was expecting to just renovate all the AMEY vehicles but had to buy 145 brand new vehicles because the AMEY vehicles were found to be unfit for purpose.