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Parking enforcement action on Southall Broadway 15/9/23

Fri 22 Sep 2023
Ealing Council's parking enforcement team, with the assistance of the local Southall police, collaborated on a nighttime operation to crack down on illegally parked vehicles around Southall Broadway.

The operation was carried out on Friday 15 September 2023,in areas with high numbers of parking complaints, such as The Broadway, High Street, Beaconsfield Road, and Avenue Road.

Officers issued 60 penalty charge notices (PCNs) for a range of offenses, including parking on dropped kerbs that are designed to assist visually impaired people in crossing the road safely. Fines were also imposed for the possession of NOS canisters.


A total of 487 tickets were issued in six parking enforcement operations this year. This makes it a total of 566 tickets issued across seven parking enforcement operations since November 2022.

Ealing Council Leader, Councillor Peter Mason, has in the past said: "The council and the police will continue to take action against perpetrators of these breaches of the law. Illegal parking and anti-social behaviour are not acceptable at any time in Southall or any of our other seven towns."

"For most, receiving an £65 fine is exactly the wake-up call they need to think twice when parking."

Residents can report illegally parked cars on Ealing Council website. Given that the issue is persistent on Southall Broadway, all that is needed is the regular presence of enforcement officers.


A fine of £65 is initially imposed on offenders, but if the fine is not paid within 14 days, the amount is doubled to £130.

"They all park on the pavements. They all think they own the pavements. They all think they can get away with it. Southall is not the same & a certain people have made it like that."

"All about making council money! How about the true crimes around the same area, drugs, car theft, and house break-ins? Never hear about how you solved those.... get a grip, 60 tickets in a day, and you pat yourself on the back? Seriously?"


"Why are you out with parking enforcement? Isn’t that something Ealing Council should be doing. How many officers did it need when you could have been on call for crimes. Why are you assisting with parking enforcement?"

"Whilst you was doing council work homes were burgled and cars were broken into and people rob in Southall but obviously issuing tickets is more important."

It's impossible to satisfy everyone. There are those who may not fully grasp the workings of the system. Some individuals may not value the efforts of the Police or the Council. Some may wish to dictate the Police's priorities, not realizing the complexities of law enforcement under various constraints.

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