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A new night shelter in Southall for rough Sleepers?

Thu 14 Dec 2023
Neighbourhood Watch messages on OWL (Online Watch Link) by the Police to the residents have stated that a homeless shelter is scheduled to open soon in Southall.

The local Police have observed a significant number of individuals sleeping rough on the streets of Southall.

Over the past few weeks/months, their efforts have been focused on helping them transition off the streets and into better care.

Fortunately, a homeless shelter is scheduled to open in Southall soon. This facility will provide accommodation, meals, hot drinks, and a proper place for these individuals to sleep.


The Police advise that during this interim period, if you come across any rough sleepers, please refrain from providing monetary assistance or other items directly. Instead, kindly direct them to StreetLink, a website accessible on the internet.

Essentially, StreetLink works to remove rough sleepers from the streets and endeavors to secure temporary or permanent accommodation, significantly improving their living conditions.

The Police will continue trying their best to get every rough sleeper they can, off the streets, referred to StreetLink, and sleeping somewhere much better


One resident said "That’s interesting, I work in Southall with the rough sleepers and am not aware of this shelter. Majority of the street homeless in Southall have NRPF, so don’t have a chance to access any support, which is why they are on the street."

"It would be great if it does materialise. It’s a much needed project in Southall. Lately there have been young students (men & women) that have been pushed out of the streets due to high rent. Situation is getting worse."

A second resident said "I work with St John's Church, who also work with rough sleepers, and I'm not aware of it either. Seems a bit odd?”

"It is much needed and welcome, but surely it makes sense to have some joined up thinking and work with people currently doing the work."


A third resident said "There are people sleeping every night under shop fronts and anywhere there is some cover. The private rented sector in Southall is full of abuses and people being exploited."

"StreetLink is just a referral service. They send reports of rough sleepers to local charities, councils etc. Anyone in Ealing referred to StreetLink is passed on to St Mungo's."

"Most of rough sleepers in Southall have no recourse to public funds and totally reliant on charity."



"I'm told on good authority that the old library opened last week as part of the severe weather emergency protocol."

"It's only temporary, and most homeless in Southall not eligible as previously stated by others."

"However, even those with 'No Recourse to Public Funds' (NRPF) status are referred by StreetLink to Hope for Southall Street Homeless charity, where they can attend the day centre at St John's on Tuesdays, and there get help with immigration, language, food, clothes, etc."

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