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Southall stands with Palestine

Sun 17 Dec 2023
Residents of Southall organized a protest march to express solidarity with the Palestinian people, calling for an immediate end to the genocide of Palestinians.

Southall, with its history of resistance against injustice, continues to stand united. The event on Saturday was organized by Southall activists and supported by West London PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign).

The only way we’ll get freedom for ourselves is to identify ourselves with every oppressed people in the world." - Malcolm X.


Over 18,700 Gazan residents, predominantly women and children, have been killed, and 50,000 injured by the Israeli military. 80% of the 2.3 million population is displaced, and 45% of homes are damaged or destroyed.

Israelis are withholding essential resources like food, water, and power. Many consider this genocide, and despite widespread British public opposition, politicians support the bombing and starvation of civilians.

Mainstream media reports are one-sided, focusing on Israel and neglecting Palestinian suffering. No outrage.


A senior UN aid official issued a warning that half of Gaza's population is facing starvation, with nine out of 10 people unable to eat daily. In certain areas, nine out of 10 families endure a full day and night without any food.

The Gaza humanitarian zone is criticized for being inadequate, smaller than London's Heathrow Airport, and housing two million displaced civilians.

Israel's retaliatory campaign has resulted in over 18,700 Gazans killed and 50,000 injured, including more than 7,000 children.

All that is ignored by Western leaders and media. No outrage.


Israel restricts the amount of aid reaching Gaza, prompting UN Secretary-General António Guterres to call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the name of humanity.

The question arises: Why do Western democratic leaders not heed this call?

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen acknowledges the prolonged suffering inflicted on Palestinians by the rise in violence from extremist settlers, a situation that has persisted for decades and is officially sanctioned by Israeli policy.

All this is ignored by Western leaders and media. No outrage.


Baseless excuses to justify committing genocide

"There are no civilians in Gaza. Every one of them is a terrorist".

"Hamas use mosques, hospitals, schools, churches, UN buildings as military bases".

These excuses are used to justify the genocide in Gaza.

92 Palestinian Journalists killed in 71 days by Israel.

Israel has killed 136 UN workers.

8,000 innocent children killed
300 medical staff killed
22 hospitals taken out of service
102 ambulances attacked and damaged

Yet, no western leader or journalist is seriously asking why?


What the Southall community said

"An amazing achievement, great to see everyone there and from all backgrounds as well. Join for the same cause, to stop this genocide."

"I live in Southall and totally agree, all our efforts together are making a difference. I'm told photos of our Southall protest have already been shown to people in the West Bank and Gaza."

"An amazing demonstration of people's power. Very organised, peaceful and disciplined."

"So I incredible to see the local community mobilise like this."


"It was a great event, with great effort put into it. Greatest respect to all organisations associations, individuals. Today we have continued the legacy of what a united community means."

"Great turn out, great speakers, great involvement by everyone."

"The beautiful families, elderly and kids protesting were so moving. Praying for children and victims of Palestine. Solidarity from the Sikhs and Punjab. Ceasefire now!"

"Southall has delivered so much for Labour , councillors, MP, London Assembly , Mayor of London, and yet they failed us badly and have taken our support for far too long."


People stirring up hatred

A lot of individuals who were not there and who are ignorant of even the basic facts about Southall were stirring up hatred online. It was a peaceful protest. People of all faiths and nationalities gathered to call for a halt to the indiscriminate death and destruction in Gaza (and the West Bank). No civilised human being or organisation can justify it.

"Jewish Chronicle journalist and researcher extraordinaire doesn’t seem to know the difference between Southall Town Hall and Southall MP Virendra Sharma’s personal residence." He seemed to think that Southall Town Hall is the private residence of Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma an that the protest was outside his home.

"Incredible the number of right wing nutjobs who believe this is a violent protest outside an MP's private home" and in support of Hamas.

"Today I learned that Virendra Sharma MP has Southall Town Hall as his private home. Or possibly I learned that @Visegrad24 posts flagrant lies to stir up hatred. One or the other."

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