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A Safer Ealing for Women: Share your thoughts on upcoming plans

Mon 08 Jan 2024
Southall residents are encouraged to engage in an ongoing dialogue with Ealing Council and express their opinions on additional plans aimed at reducing male violence against women and girls (MVAWG).

As part of its ongoing commitment to address inequality and crime, the council introduced a new strategy earlier this year to tackle male violence against women and girls (MVAWG). This plan was shaped by a listening exercise in January 2022, where women and girls had the opportunity to share their perspectives on improving women's safety in Ealing.

Violence against women and girls encompasses various forms such as harassment, stalking, rape, sexual assault, murder, honour-based abuse, domestic abuse, and coercive control. While men and boys may also experience these forms of abuse, they disproportionately impact women


The council is actively enhancing safety measures in Ealing, ranging from installing brighter street lighting and upgrading CCTV cameras to implementing comprehensive education programs on male violence against women and girls (MVAWG) for both young people and frontline staff across the borough.

Councillor Jasbir Anand, Ealing Council’s lead member for tackling inequality, said: "Acts of violence and harassment, even when they may seem small, cause immeasurable damage to their victims, and to society more widely – making everyone less safe."

"We’re proud of the progress that has been made on this issue by the council in recent years. This new listening exercise will help us understand where concerns remain and how we can address them so women and girls can feel safe in our community."


Ealing Council is seeking residents' input on further actions to address male violence against women and girls (MVAWG) and explore the possibilities of a community-based, coordinated approach.

The survey is available at and will be open until Monday, 15 January 2024. You will will find practical advice on staying safe and information on where to seek help.

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