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Protest against the censorship of Palestine in schools

Thu 18 Jan 2024
Ealing Friends of Palestine, organised a "Stop Censoring Palestine in Schools" protest outside Ealing Town Hall that was strategically timed to coincide with an Ealing Council Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, 17 January 2024.

It was to highlight difference in treatment between Ukraine and Palestine, with the former being approached as a humanitarian cause and the latter classified as a political issue.

During the gathering, articulate individuals took the megaphone, sharing damning testimony on the deep-seated hypocrisy, bias, and evident censorship prevalent within schools in Ealing. While some of the revelations were shocking, they were unfortunately not surprising.


Ealing Friends of Palestine will continue as a movement advocating for equality within schools, striving for the freedoms and support that should be expected from educational institutions, which play a vital role in the community but are falling short in their duty of care.

Although Jeremy Corbyn was unable to attend on Saturday evening, his brother Piers Corbyn represented him, traveling from Southwark on a cold night to show support.

"Our kids are aware of what’s happening in Gaza, and they have a right to their opinion, a right to express it, and a right to discuss what is going on."

"However, rights don’t just exist; they have been fought for and must be defended. We must lead by example - stand up and support our kids even though it’s cold and dark."


"In Gaza, they are fighting for the right to life! We must help our kids express their compassion, solidarity, and humanity."

"Let’s continue to educate and share this beautiful message of freedom, liberty, liberation for Palestine, and equal rights and justice for all."

Children were protesting "their schools ban on discussions about the ongoing genocide in Palestine, and penalising children with detentions if they display any expression in defence of Palestine, for example, by wearing a Palestinian badge or a kuffiyeh."

"Since the children were recently taught about the war in Ukraine in their schools and were able to carry Ukrainian flags, they didn't appreciate the double standard when it came to talking and learning about the war on occupied Palestine."

"This kind of bullshit from the authorities speeds up the radicalisation of the kids - as they see the daily horrors inflicted on Gaza through their screens - and their understanding of what authority in states like Britain really means."


Last Saturday, Ealing Friends of Palestine gathered in unity, standing in solidarity with the thousands of Palestinians who have lost their lives and the millions who have been displaced.

Irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds or faiths, they joined together as compassionate human beings, urging elected officials to halt the ongoing genocide.

The people of Ealing refuse to remain silent while witnessing the tragic daily loss of hundreds of children and the starvation of others.

They collectively demand justice and an end to the ongoing suffering, urging others to stand with them for the sake of humanity.

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