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Cracking down on fly-tipping

Fri 16 Feb 2024
The Government has released new statistics on fly-tipping management by councils in England for 2022/23, revealing Ealing's continued position as a leading authority in this regard.

Official data positions Ealing as the second most effective borough in England in terms of issuing fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for fly-tipping.

In the past year, Ealing issued 5,192 FPNs, closely trailing Wandsworth (5,236) and surpassing Enfield, which secured the third position with 5,096 FPNs.


There were a total of 12,922 Incidents and enforcement actions was taken in 10,146 cases.

The annual incidents of fly-tipping in England was last updated on 31st January 2024. In the 2022/23 year, local authorities in England handled 1.08 million fly-tipping incidents.

Councillor Deirdre Costigan, deputy leader and cabinet member for climate action, said: "We have zero tolerance for fly-tipping as is proved by the number of penalty notices we issued last year. We know fly-tipping upsets our residents, makes our streets and communities look ugly and is a health hazard."

"Our enforcement teams work hard to ensure those caught fly-tipping are served with fixed penalty notices and we’re proud to be one of the top boroughs in the country when it comes to taking action against fly-tipping."


In a recent consultation and engagement campaign spanning seven towns, residents were asked to identify their primary concerns. Among these, fly-tipping and street cleanliness surfaced as significant priorities, especially among older residents.

The council is actively pursuing the collection of fines, with 57% of fly-tipping fixed penalty notices (FPNs) being paid within 2 months. Unpaid notices are followed up through the court process, where fines may increase due to additional court costs.

Ealing is consistently among the top three boroughs in London for high rates of recycling, showcasing its commitment to environmental stewardship.

When reporting a fly-tipper, providing detailed information is crucial. If feasible, capturing photographs of the offender or any involved vehicles can greatly aid investigations without jeopardizing personal safety


While most fly-tipping is cleared during routine street cleansing operations, dedicated collection crews are deployed when necessary. However, this service costs the council approximately £300,000 annually, excluding disposal expenses.

This funding could alternatively cover the repair of 6,000 potholes, or support the planting and maintenance of 1,000 street trees for a two-year period.

You can report instances of fly-tipping or anti-social behaviour through the council's website.

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