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Anti-social behaviour mars Chand Raat festivities

Thu 11 Apr 2024
Just before midnight on Tuesday during the Chand Raat celebrations, a small number of young people were involved in sporadic anti-social behaviour on Southall Broadway.

As Police officers tried to address the safety concerns of individuals engaging in anti-social behaviour, such as climbing onto bus stops, they found themselves surrounded by a crowd.

After one person was detained, individuals, many of whom were not from Southall, proceeded to throw items such as trash and projectiles at the local police officers.


Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson, in charge of policing in Ealing, said: "Last night, local officers were in the Southall area to ensure the local community could celebrate Eid and reassure local businesses and residents. "Our neighbourhood officers worked with organisers on how this event could go ahead peacefully."

"However, sadly, shortly before midnight, a small number of young people - who we do not believe to be from the area - became involved in sporadic anti-social behaviour, including climbing on to bus stops."

"As officers attempted to speak with these people about their safety, they were surrounded by a crowd, again many of whom were not from Southall, before items, including bottles, were thrown towards them."

"Fortunately, neither members of the public nor the officers were injured. One person, a 15-year-old boy who does not live locally, was arrested for a public order offence."


Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson emphasized, "This behaviour is completely unacceptable and we will be reviewing what happened to establish what action can now be taken."

"We will continue to liaise with the organisers to thank them for their support, as well as speaking with the community and local partners to discuss last night's events."

The Dormers Wells Police tweeted "Local SNT officers were attacked with projectiles after detaining a male. The aggression towards officers was unnaceptable and also put families in harms way."


Dalawar Majid Chaudhry, a resident and businessman from Southall, said "We strongly condemn the antisocial behavior witnessed on Southall Broadway the night before Eid. Engaging in activities such as drinking, smoking, intoxication, and disregarding public safety and property is unacceptable."

"This behavior goes against the spirit of Ramadan and does not represent the values of the Muslim community in Southall. Such individuals are not welcome in our community and do not reflect the true essence of Southall."

The sentiments are shared by the imams of the three main mosques in Southall.

"In the Eid sermon Qari Amin Chisti (Imam of Jamia Masjid, Townsend Rad, Southall) gave a strong message about last night, deplorable action and its implications, socially and religiously."

"Central Jamia Mosque (Montague Way, Southall) explained the etiquette of behaviour the night before Eid to the congregation about how to behave."

One resident commented "After a month of Ramadan, it’s such a shame that a few people had to ruin it for everyone. Most years it’s a wonderful time for all to celebrate this cultural event on Southall Broadway. However, this year for the young people and families with children it became very unsafe."

"Non-British cultures have taken over our streets."
No, this is a regular occurrence in British culture.

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