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Time to Choose Ealing Southall MP: UK Parliamentary Elections Tomorrow

Wed 03 Jul 2024
The moment has arrived for residents of Ealing Southall to choose their Member of Parliament.

The UK Parliamentary Elections are set for tomorrow, 4th July 2024. This election holds significant importance, and every eligible voter is encouraged to participate.

Remember, this year introduces a new requirement: you must show photo ID to vote in person at polling stations. Ensure you have your voter ID ready before you head out to cast your vote.


If you're uncertain about where your polling station is located, simply refer to the back of your polling card. It includes a detailed map and the address of your designated polling station, making it easy to find your way.

Make an Informed Decision

Your vote is crucial, and it’s important to use it wisely. To make an informed decision, take the time to review the details of all the candidates running for the Ealing Southall seat. Understanding their platforms and policies will help you choose the candidate who best represents your views and interests.

Participate in Democracy

Voting is a powerful way to contribute to the democratic process and shape the future of your community. By participating in the election, you ensure your voice is heard. Head to your polling station tomorrow and exercise your right to vote.


The belief that "my vote doesn't make any difference" is a defeatist attitude. In reality, it's the people who abstain from voting that can truly influence the outcome. When a significant portion of the population abstains, the election result does not accurately reflect the views of the residents.

Therefore, every vote is crucial in ensuring a true representation of the community's opinions.

Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma is not standing in the general election on 4th July 2024. Mr. Sharma has represented Ealing Southall since 2007. In the 2019 election, he secured a majority of 16,084 votes over the Conservatives, with 60.8% of the total vote.


Candidates standing in the 4 July 2024 General Election for Ealing Southall are:

  • Darshan Singh Azad (Workers Party)
  • Sangeet Bhail (Independent)
  • Joe Bhangu (Independent)
  • Georgie Callé (Conservative and Unionist Party)
  • Steve Chilcott (Reform UK)
  • Deirdre Costigan (Labour Party)
  • Pedro Da Conceicao (Independent)
  • Tariq Mahmood (Liberal Democrats)
  • Niko Omilana (Independent)
  • Neil Reynolds (Green Party)
  • Jaginder Singh (Independent)
  • Peter Ward (Rejoin EU)

Make your vote count.

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