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Deirdre Costigan elected as MP for Ealing Southall

Fri 05 Jul 2024
Deirdre Costigan, the Labour candidate and deputy leader of Ealing Council, has been elected as the MP for Ealing Southall.

Ms. Costigan secured 23,000 votes, defeating Conservative candidate Georgie Calle, who received 7,207 votes. Despite the victory, the Labour vote share decreased by 10%, while the Conservative vote share fell by 8%.

The Ealing Southall seat was held by Virendra Sharma from 2007 to 2024. In the 2019 election, Mr Sharma vote was down by 9.4.

The turnout in Ealing Southall was 65.4% during the 2019 election, but it dropped to 60% yesterday, reflecting an 8.4% decrease.


The full election results are:

Deirdre Costigan (Labour) 23,000
Georgie Calle (Conservative Party) 7,207
Neil Reynolds (Green Party) 4,356
Darshan Singh Azad (Workers Party) 4,237
Tariq Mahmood (Liberal Democrat) 2,832
Steve Chilcott (Reform UK) 2,585
Niko Omilana (Independent) 740
Sangeet Kaur Bhail (Independent) 557
Peter Ward (Rejoin EU) 475
Joe Bhangu (Independent) 319
Jaginder Singh (Independent) 295
Pedro De Conceicao (Independent) 213

The other two elected Members of Parliament (MPs) for the London Borough of Ealing are Rupa Huq and James Murray. All three of the borough’s parliamentary seats were won by the Labour Party in the general election.


The newly elected MP for Ealing Southall said "It is a huge honour to have been elected to represent the people of Ealing Southall."

"I will use my voice in Parliament to stand up for all of my constituents and to always give a voice to the voiceless."

"Thank you Ealing Southall. I promise to work tirelessly for you."

Not all Southall residents are pleased with the result.

"Congratulations. Now please let’s get Ealing Southall safe to walk and cycle."

"Congratulations. Now it's time to make Southall a priority."


"Sadly no change for the residents of Ealing Southall and the future is bleak locally."

"A voice to the voiceless? Pull the other one. How do you expect to do that when you have been completely voiceless so far. I predict you will just be another Sharma, in it for the adulation. Please be aware that you will be under scrutiny by the people of Ealing Southall."

"Oh great another MP who won’t bother responding to constituents messages, emails & who couldn’t be bothered to come speak to the constituents/business community in Southall. It was all about the photo opportunity. Nothing will ever change around here."


Blackburn surprise

The Labour party won a huge parliamentary majority of 174 seats, following a collapse in support for the Conservatives. They gained 211 seats, bringing their total to 412.

However, these gains are not reflected in all towns.

In 2019, the Labour leader Keir Starmer got 36,641 votes in Holborn and St Pancras. That represented 64.5% of the total votes cast. He has a majority of 27,763 - 48.9% - on a turnout of 66.0%.

In the 2024 general election, he only got 18,884 votes. That is 48.9% of the votes cast but still a share loss of 17.4% on a low turnout of 54%.

In the 2019 general election, Kate Hollern, the Labour MP for Blackburn, got 29,040 votes which was 64.9% of those who voted and the voter turnout was 62.8%.

She had a majority of 18,304. However in the 2024 general election, she only got 10,3856 votes and lost. She got 26.7% of the votes, a share loss of 39.3%.

Conservatives surprises?

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss lost her South West Norfolk constituency to Labour by 630 votes. She had had a majority of 24,180 in 2019.

So did Commons leader Penny Mordaunt, a future Tory leadership contender, former cabinet minister Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps, Justice Secretary Alex Chalk, Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan and Michael Gove.

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